Jordan Lux Suede Collection

Jordan Lux Suede Collection

Essential? Always. Basic? Hardly.

It can be all too easy to take a brand with the kind of global reach that Air Jordan has for granted. The iconic Jumpman logo is the kind of thing that a person will see with consistent regularity, especially now that the staples of sportswear, sweats, tees, hoodies, basketball shorts, etc, are long established cornerstones of contemporary fashion; it would be functionally impossible to keep track of all the Jordan that the average person sees over a given time period.

Still, no matter how many Jumpman logos are spotted in the wild, it just feels wrong to refer to “Jordan basics.” Basics are a perfectly executed pick and roll from the playbook; basics are a perfectly executed jump shot follow through. While it’s very obvious that MJ had completely mastery of the basics, just ask Craig Ehlo or the Jazz, he didn’t get the nickname Air, didn’t become the embodiment of basketball during the course of his career because of the basics. Very few kids have ever dragged their parents to a sporting goods store, money in hand, and begged them to buy a pair of basketball shoes or a jersey because a player had a really high free throw percentage. Stepping on a court and becoming apparently immune to the natural laws of gravity, though, that’s a different story.

The Air Jordan Suede Lux Remastered collection utilizes premium materials, gold toned hardware and gold, embroidered ‘Air’ and ‘Air Jordan’ branding elevate, pun intended, a selection of Jordan sportswear essentials into the rarified air territory of moments like the free throw line dunk, or the cradled effort he threw down against the Knicks at MSG. Available at limited locations, in limited quantities, so like those famous dunks, blink and you might miss them.

Release Info: Friday, January 25, 2019
Available online at 10AM EST and in-store at 11AM local time at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations on a first come, first serve basis.