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Jack Byers Installation

Bodega welcomes the artwork of Jack Byers for his first ever exhibition in the space. The pieces include mixed works and a large‐scale mural, all of which will remain on display for the next few months.

About the artist:

Much of the contemporary human experience is an an attempt to understand by tying disparate narratives together into a single thread. Yet the reality of our consciousness is much more complex than a caption, headline, or soundbite. The illustration and design of Jack Kohler Byers moves towards examining and disrupting the single clean-cut line of communication. 

Growing up in a rural corner of the Northeastern United States created a stark contrast for the visually distracting city-scape that would eventually become his home, and also highlighted the entry-point for his explorations: the lettersymbol, or grapheme.

In contrast with the many succinct mantras lettered in a tidy calligraphic style, Byers’ work stands out as being chaotic and captivatingly enigmatic. Letters appear boiled down almost to their essence, with their forms vibrating in and out of existence. 

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Video by The Main Idea / Joey Szela