Introducing: Aries

It’s what makes the difference between the fiercely independent, passionate Aires and the short-tempered confrontational, mandated anger management training Aries such a fine line. It’s also what pulls the boundless creative energy of Aries in several different directions at once. The Aries craves novelty and excitement, and their adventurous outlook makes them more likely to be creating that excitement themselves rather than passively observing or vicariously absorbing it from somewhere else.  

Aries, the clothing label founded in 2012 by longtime friends and creative partners Sophia Prantera, Fergus Purcell, and Luca Benini, finds itself making serious waves by channeling these astrological traits into a contemporary aesthetic vision. 
Aries is fuelled by the oft opposing passions of high end fashion’s craftsmanship, the luxurious materials and meticulous attention to detail on one side, and the, “low” art, no rules, confrontational immediacy of youth driven subcultures.
The creative designs of Aries gleefully drag their collective feet over the carefully drawn, but entirely artificial boundaries meant to keep fashion’s elegance and youth’s subversive recklessness apart.    




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