Holiday Gift Guide 2019

There are a lot of mixed messages during the Holiday season. On one hand, you have the ‘people are what really matter’ sentiments of stuff like A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and so on. Then, usually during the commercials, you are told that anything less than a new luxury car with a giant bow on the hood (has that ever happened in real life) renders your gift giving efforts a failure.  


For something like 99.6 percent of the gift giving and receiving population though, the Holiday experience falls somewhere in between. Still, getting one of those reactions that are more excited squeals than recognizable words is always a great feeling, so the Bodega 2019 Holiday Gift Guide is here to guide you towards that perfect balance of sentiment and materialism that makes this time of year so exciting.


Does anyone actually want a tie as a gift? The answer is almost never. Thankfully, in 2019, there is a much greater scope of menswear to choose from.

You know that thing about ties we just said? If you’re buying a gift for a woman, the same goes for the heart shaped jewelry that you probably think is a good idea right now. You can do better, just click right here.

Unless you do all your traveling by old fashioned ocean liner, carrying a full wardrobe equipped set of steamer trunks is out of the question, unless you want the people responsible for checked baggage to have cartoon dollar signs for eyes. Get equipped with 21st century travel essentials instead.

You know who complains about getting a book for Christmas? The kind of spoiled brat at the beginning of some Holiday Special who hasn’t learned any lesson yet. Don’t be like one of those kids. They’re awful, and books are fun.

Granted, one hundred dollars isn’t quite the eye watering sum that it was when you were eight years old, but you can still get some really good stuff with it.

$200 is the sort of nice, solid, round number amount that tells a person that their gift is more than obligatory. So leave the hastily purchased bottles of wine to someone else, and start shopping for something impressive.

If you’re going for gasps this Holiday season, we have just the kind of high rolling items to elicit that reaction.

Unless you’re a personal shopper for every single person on your gift buying list, you may not know everyone’s sizes and exact aesthetic preferences offhand. That’s why gift cards were invented.

Key Holiday 2019 Dates

12/24: Boston and LA locations are open on a half-day schedule

12/25: All locations closed

12/31: Boston and LA locations are open on a half-day schedule

1/1: All locations closed