Black Voting Initiative Fundraiser.


Voter Suppression can conjure images of the past: fire hoses, batons, literacy tests and poll taxes. Although these overt methods have given way to more mundane, procedural practices, the end result, to keep citizens from exercising their right to cast a ballot, is the same. It's no secret that these efforts have often disproportionately impacted black voters. The ability to effect lasting change at the ballot box is fundamental to the promise of American democracy. With election season well under way, it is imperative that every person who wishes to vote, is able to do so.From September 12th through September 16th Bodega will be raffling 3 Golden Tickets to benefit the efforts of Black Future Labs to combat voter suppression. For those unfamiliar with the process, a Golden Ticket guarantees the opportunity to reserve a quickstrike or raffle product of choice for purchase. Winners will randomly selected on September 17th. $5 - 1 entry, $9 - 2 entries, $12 - 3 entries, with no limits on how many times an individual can enter. Even if this ends up being just one more raffle you didn't win, at least it's for a good cause this time.