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Editorial: Engineered Garments | Neighborhood

Divide autumn into two parts.  That first month, from the beginning of the season right through Halloween, there’s your picturesque fun part.  Falling leaves, apple picking, hayrides, candy, all that stuff.  That’s also the part when your autumn fashion is generally for showing off.  Once November rolls around, the season gets serious.  That’s when the sky turns industrial matte grey, all the pretty leaves are off the trees, and turning black on the side of the road, and the cold starts to set in. 
If you’re one of those people who actually thinks that some random tropical beach is paradise, well, there’s probably nothing to salvage about this time of year.  Let’s be realistic though, from a fashion perspective, that scene is a disaster.  Are you going to wear white linen and palm tree prints for the rest of your life?  But, for the discerning consumer, there’s no better time to show off all of the fashion skills you’ve been cultivating.  Why?  One word: layering.
Collars pulled up and buttoned tight? It could be just trying to keep the wind from biting through, but it could also be an attempt to stay inconspicuous in a crowd, for reasons completely unknown to the passive observer.   Hoodie paired with a dressed up overcoat?  The rakish, devil may care élan of a dapper rogue, or the result of a late night and a rushed morning?  Who’s to say?  But with the streetlights coming on earlier and earlier, not many people are stopping to talk anyway.  All you need is a good outfit this time of year, and the world is a blank page for whatever story is in your head.
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