Stone Island Fall 2018 Editorial

Stone Island Fall 2018 collection serves to bring ‘Autumn in Italy’

Undeniably, Italy receives its romanticized hype during the Summer seasons. Speedos clog the beaches, orthopedic sandals paired with ankle socks roam the streets, and congested public transportation facilities truly set the vibe. Tourists centers are filled with families, accompanied by children too young to even remember the trip, and visitors inquiring whether every other structure is the Vatican. However, conformists and those alike never seem to pay any attention to Italy during the Autumn months. Sightseers clear out, and the romance and popularity of the country seems to fizzle. Yet, for hundreds of years, Fall in Italy has served as a time of rich food and wine harvests, with temperatures cooling and leaves beginning to change. Streets are filled with locals returning from holiday, local ‘sagra’ festivals and celebrations begin, and Juventus F.C. clears space on the shelf for another ‘scudetto’. It is a time of wonder and harmonious energy (including lower travel rates), making it a desirable location for the not-so-average-Joe.

Filled with vibrant reds, pinks, yellows and earth tones, the new Stone Island Fall 2018 collection serves to bring ‘Autumn in Italy’ to your daily wardrobe. Lightweight, yet cozy, materials maintain warmth while allowing the body to enjoy the light, fall breeze. With a spectrum of fall-inspired colors, paired with crisp designs, this collection will have you craving a plate of spaghetti bolognese with an Aperol spritz on the side. 


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