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Even though the desert offers its fair share of picturesque scenes,

the extreme temperatures, largely barren landscape, and native wildlife that’s more on the scales, fangs, claws, and stingers than the fuzzy and cuddly end of the spectrum, add up to a hostile environment for the casual observer. Navigating the terrain is takes guile, and specialized knowledge; it’s not a locale that lends itself to rushing in without thinking first nonstop action. 

The Puma Thunder, a combination of an aggressive, technical, Cell cushioning system equipped, performance running design and the avant garde, high fashion, experimentalism inspired by Puma’s collaborative effort’s with the legendary Alexander McQueen, may be one of the most acclaimed new silhouettes in recent memory, but a trip to the desert isn’t like a trip anywhere else. The bold, vivid, ready to take off at a sprint looks of the Thunder Spectra and Thunder Electric just don’t suit the languid air of the desert.

The new Thunder Desert takes its cues from desert dwellers like the Chamaeleo namaquensis, and adapts to its surroundings. The tonal palette utilized allow the  overlapping leather and mesh elements of the Thunder Desert’s upper to blend into each other, while a scale-like texture effects allow for a subtle visual contrast, while the distinctive wavy bulk of the sole organically flows into the surrounding landscape.

When you know how to make your way around the desert, you’ll see sights that can’t be replicated anywhere else. 


Talent | Franklin (@Franksatthebank) and Demahni (@juilliarrd)