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Editorial: President's


The name Tuscany carries with it more cultural weight than just any old administrative, geographical region, because Tuscany has become invariably synonymous with the finer things in life. One of the main reasons for Tuscany’s enormous cultural cachet is the Florence centered Italian Renaissance.

One of the most renowned artists from the Renaissance period is Sandro Botticelli.  Works like The Birth Of Venus and Primavera rank among the most important artifacts of human, artistic endeavor ever produced.

To introduce the made in Italy creations of Tuscany based label PRESIDENT’s, we took inspiration from Botticelli’s Mars and Venus, and transposed the portrayals of beauty and gallantry paired together into an earthbound, 21st century form.  After all, in 2017, there Mars and Venus would probably have better things to do than hang around a grove, however pleasant and bucolic it may be, and they would definitely have a greater choice in fashion.







Talent: Deb Rodrigues & Keavin Smith