Neighborhood’s signature style leans heavily on founder Shinsuke Takizawa’s enthusiasm for motorcycle culture.  While the rebellious spirit is something that transcends geographical boundaries, the physical details can vary from place to place.  The vast expanses of land that are an integral part of the open road mythos, the densely populated urban centers of Japan aren’t exactly Route 66.

When it comes to finding a break from the crowds, city life forces you to channel the wandering impulse a little creatively, but as long as you’re up for a little exploring.

Poured concrete may not have the romantic allure of say, the Painted Desert, but any slice of open space to call your own, even for just a little while, is a welcome change.  Besides, it’s not like the hushed stillness of practical architecture doesn’t have its own charm.  But, if it’s really not for you, there’s bound to be somewhere else that is.  You just have to keep looking for it.



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