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Editorial: Needles & Friends

Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.

It’s one of those phrases that are ubiquitous enough and amorphous enough to join the ranks of the printed slogan souvenir cottage industry.  Which is to say that you can find it emblazoned on the surfaces of consumer goods including but not limited to, coffee mugs, mouse pads, posters, bumper stickers, tote bags, and t-shirts. That’s my other car is my feet level success.

Unless you’re discussing, like, sub-atomic levels, everyone being unique isn’t a remotely controversial statement; it’s something that, well, everyone, is already aware of. So why bother pointing it out? 

If you’re feeling cynical, or keep “snowflake” as the ace up your sleeve in the event that wits are exchanged, you could interpret this thought as the undercutting of a positive affirmation, where uniqueness being a universally shared quality paradoxically renders nobody unique. But honestly, that would rely on an especially glib take on uniqueness. 
People aren’t being told to remember their own uniqueness, or that they aren’t actually unique at all; they’re being reminded that everyone else is unique too.

It’s an attitude reflected in Needles’ Rebuild collection garments.  The individual, source material pieces are cut up and distributed throughout the collection, resulting in garments that share similarities, but possess particular, un-reproducible qualities. Slight differences and clear similarities are simultaneously individually celebrated and absorbed into the fabric of their greater surroundings.

It’s not just an aesthetic philosophy; it’s a way of living.

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Talent: Laurene Isimbi  Laura Isaro  David De Jesus

Photography Assistant: Nathaneal Layne