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Editorial: Human Made

Like a lot of great names, Human Made connects on more than one level. 

As an offshoot project of streetwear legend Nigo, the Human Made name carries a connection to the Planet of the Apes universe and Bathing Ape brand that carries an almost mythological amount of weight in the world of contemporary fashion.  As purveyors of vintage Americana with a modern design twist, the Human Made name harkens back to the combination of built to last ruggedness and attention to fine detail that made mid-century American fashions such a touchstone in the industry to begin with. 

The great thing about the Human Made name is the way it subtly but firmly ties these two threads together.  The images of dedicated craftsmen, poring over every stitch and seam naturally flows into the primitive status of humans in the post-apocalyptic future presented in the Planet of the Apes series. 

Human Made is the image of clothing as handiwork, and not mechanized, industrial facelessness.