On Friday, November 15, Bodega will release their first ever collaboration with the world-renowned British footwear imprint, Clarks.


After 13 years on the block as your premier streetwear and sneaker boutique in Boston and beyond, Bodega’s vision has grown to include bi-coastal brick-and-mortar locations and a growing worldwide presence on the web.


While we may be veterans of the game in shop years, we still approach the day-to-day operations with the same wide-eyed wonder. With our finger on the pulse and our ear to the underground, we are constantly planning for the future while looking reverently into the rearview to those that have come before us for knowledge and inspiration.


At 194 years old, Clarks is one of those companies that we hold in the highest regard. An iconic heritage brand with an unwavering dedication to quality materials and craftsmanship, we have worn, sold and stood by the brand since day one. And now we are honored to work with them.


Presenting the Bodega x Clarks Wallabee…


Getting asked to take on the Wallabee is like being invited into a special club-- an elite, not-so-secret society comprised of a who’s who in the world of fashion and footwear. So, when it came to Bodega’s take on the iconic silhouette, we did more than pick a color and add some branding, we took our respect for the brand and through extensive research, decided to tell the story of the Wallabee through its relation to music and culture.


The inspiration for Bodega’s signature Wallabee begins with the dissemination of information and cultural exchange. The popularity of Clarks really travelled through music, starting in the UK and making its way to Jamaica as a symbol of affluence and thru reggae/Ska movements. As Jamaicans immigrated to NYC, Clarks styles were soon adopted by rappers, obviously the most notable being Ghostface/Wu-Tang.


Bodega highlights this sense of cultural diversity metaphorically with a mix of materials that include various leathers, nubucks, and suedes. Coming in two unique colorways and constructed with an elaborate patchwork design, the Bodega Wallabee represents the coming together of different styles (materials) and textures to create something unified. Harnessing a creative energy that is at once reverent and relevant, cutting edge and slightly updated for a more modern elevated streetwear style, Bodega's take on the iconic silhouette incorporates their trademark blend of classic, casual and cool, giving the finished product a unique universality that fits right in while standing out.


One of the Wallabee's greatest strengths is its range. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and not feel out of place. You can find them on anyone from private boarding school kids wearing Vineyard Vines to Polo-collecting hip-hop heads in NY. They seamlessly mix the high with the low, and that’s also what Bodega does best.