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Editorial : Bodega Spring/Summer 2019 Delivery 2

Spring/Summer 2019 Delivery #2

The dog days is the expression used to refer to the hottest period of the summer. “Dog days” also implies a certain negative, spiritual atmosphere, with the combination of physical discomfort and the effects of severe weather being held responsible for general bad luck. The expression dates all the way back to ancient Greece. During this period of excessive heat, the star Sirius, part of the constellation Canis Major (great dog), would be visible in the sky just prior to sunrise. The prevailing wisdom at the time attributed extra heat being given off by Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, as the cause of the high temperatures, hence the name dog days. That particular scientific explanation didn’t hold up, but the name did.

In baseball, the dog days of summer are when the peak performance of mid-season form succumbs to the brutal heat, turning into error strewn physical lethargy and mental fatigue. Over the course of 162 games, there are going to be losses; there are even going to be losing streaks, but the teams that keep them to a minimum while enduring the dog days are the teams that don’t find themselves desperately trying to make up ground in autumn.


The second delivery from the Bodega Spring/Summer ’19 collection takes you from the scorching midsummer through the end of the regular season. Grey, pinstriped gear and all-over print, short sleeve button down shirts cover road trips, from airport terminals and hotel lobbies, through unfamiliar locker rooms and out of town bars, while new headwear styles, graphic tees and shorts keep your fundamentals sharp. Finally, be ready for the dog days’ end, with long sleeved options like windbreakers, hoodies, tees, and rugby shirts.


Bodega Spring/Summer ’19, Delivery 2 releases Friday, July 19th, 10:00 am EST online, 10:00 am in-store at our Boston retail location, and at 11:00 am in-store at the Los Angeles retail location.  

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Ricky Orng

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