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Carhartt WIP Adventure Ride

Residents of every city swear that their local traffic is the absolute worst; Boston is no exception.  With streets that are more paved cow paths than urban planning, and drivers who demonstrate a disregard for life outside of the confines of their vehicle that reaches Death Race 2000 levels, getting around can be an adventure. 

It takes a certain level of commitment to participate in this process armed only with two wheels a helmet, and some lycra, but that’s what cyclists choose to do.  They even enjoy it. 

To celebrate the collaborative collection between Carhartt Work in Progress, Pelago Bicycles, and Mission Workshop, Carhartt WIP organized a cycling event that sent contestants around the city to various checkpoints, where they would be awarded points for completing certain tasks.  The goal was to amass as many points in possible and get back to the starting point in a two-hour window.  There was actually a tie for first place that resulted in, possibly, the greatest moment of generosity in modern Boston transportation history, when the veteran rider deferred to his youthful counterpart for the grand prize, a new Carhartt WIP x Pelago bike. 

Bodega, along with local bicycle shop Superb was part of organizing and promoting the event, so we were on the scene.  Trying to encapsulate this process in the course of a single afternoon seems difficult, but the Adventure Ride managed to do it. 

Photography: Derek (Carhartt WIP)
Words: Dan Alvarez