Brand Introduction: Facetasm

“Face-tasm” seems like the most natural way of reading and pronouncing the name of Hiromichi Ochiai’s internationally feted clothing imprint, but “face” isn’t the root word behind the name Facetasm; “facet” is.


In general terms, you might sum it up as a sum part of a greater whole, but the word facet implies greater complexity. Borrowed from the French word facette, a facet refers to an individual surface of an object possessing many surfaces, like a gemstone. When you have examined every facet of something, there is painstaking detail and nuanced understanding involved.

The name aligns perfectly with founder and designer Hiromichi Ochiai’s creative vision, which expresses the unique vibrancy of his native Tokyo. The eclectic, sometimes aesthetically chaotic blend of traditional aspects of Japanese culture with the modern, westernized influences that have informed Japan’s modern popular culture is reflected in the hybridized nature of every Facetasm piece.

All distinctions between categories like high fashion and streetwear, avant garde and ready to wear, modern and traditional, even man and woman that serve as firm design rules are blurred beyond recognition by Facetasm. Geometric lines, bold patterns, and innovative tailoring are all utilized, but don’t expect a pattern to develop. In fact, don’t expect anything from Facetasm; just experience it.