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Brand Intro: PARADIS3

Brand Intro:

Hooliganism, of the mental variety, comes crashing through the doors of good taste. In a world where the anti-social deviancy of skateboarding has fallen to the wayside, a champion of old-fashioned offensiveness arises. PARADIS3 is the shocking content you didn’t even know that you needed yet.


Supreme skate video star turned designer, Sean Pablo, haphazardly flips a coin with fame on one side and infamy on the other. The unchecked id of American culture comes seeping out from that space under the refrigerator that no cleaning implements can quite reach. Experience these darkened corners for yourself. Remember a time when the trappings of counterculture were dangerous, and not this season’s hottest trend, or feel what it’s like for the first time.  


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Ricky Orng

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