BodegaVision: Vans UltraRange

When you get down to basics, we think that there are really only two approaches to “getting there,” and that anything in between is just on a sliding scale towards one of these two points. There’s the impeccably prepared bag with crisp, folded clothes to maximize space, bottled water, individual, travel-sized toiletries, device chargers, maybe even some maps, just in case there’s no cell coverage.  Then there’s the “stuff whatever you can remember off the top of your head into the nearest bag shaped thing” approach.

Even the best-prepared travel itineraries have to account for the unforeseen.  It doesn’t matter if getting from point a to point b is a thousand mile adventure, or just your daily commute; it’s rarely a straight line.  So, when it comes to getting there, it’s always best to have that spur of the moment spirit in mind.  Besides, there’s always bound to be some small store along the way that will have whatever you forgot.

The Vans UltraRange releases Saturday May 20th, online at 10am on and in-store at 11am at Bodega.