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BodegaVision: NikeLab ACG 2017

Somewhere along the way, the idea that functional performance gear was synonymous with trail running in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, or rock climbing in the Painted Desert.  Those are perfectly opportune times to utilize All Conditions Gear, but the whole great outdoors thing can get a bit specialized if you’re going to limit its definition to picturesque adventure sports. 

Getting from point a to point b in the city may not always make for a postcard scene, but it definitely makes for its own kind of adventure, especially when you’re on a schedule.  The biggest challenge that navigating the daily, urban grind presents is unpredictability. 

Oppressive humidity can turn to rain, that wasn’t in any weather forecast, in an instant.  Either way, you’re going to be soaked.  Add just a few degrees to a pleasant morning, and the result is brutal, asphalt softening midday heat.  That’s just the weather; but what about the side effects?  There is nothing in nature that can prepare you for the smell of a city dumpster that has been baking in three digit temperatures for eight hours, or the feeling of squeezing onto a subway car at the end of the day packed with people in various stages of heat induced decomposition of standard hygiene. 

Unlike a trip into nature, the average day in the city is not spent with a sack full of supplies for every eventuality and head to toe performance gear.  Sure, there’s always that one guy, wielding a bag so large it looks like he got lost on the way to a Mount Everest base camp, but no one leaves the house trying to be that guy.  But still, the city dwellers among us would very much appreciate a way to get where we’re going in something resembling one piece.

For Summer 2017, all conditions really does mean all conditions, as Nike reimagines its ACG line for the urban environment. That means sleek, adaptable versatility.

Leading the charge of the new breed of urban, functional gear is the ACG 07 Komyuter. This debuting footwear silhouette, featuring a waterproof, ripstop upper, a magnetic, strap/buckle closure system, bungee cord detailing, and reflective branding, was inspired by that unglamorous, but indispensible street side fixture, the trash bag.  Of course, there are two major differences between the ACG 07 KMTR and the average trash bag.  One, the Komyuter is a lot better looking.  Two, you won’t find the Komyuter piled up on every city street corner, so don’t miss out on it.




Talent: Manast  LL'
Words: Dan Alvarez