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The Bodega x Vans Vault 'Sub Rosa' releases at Bodega,, and ComplexCON on Saturday, November 4th at 10:00am. Each pair comes packaged in a custom branded box, with a complimentary calendar and rose - retail is set at $90 for the Old Skool and $100 for the Mid Skool.

Southern California is the fun capital of the world.  Golden beaches, blue oceans, in-ground pools dotting the landscape from Bakersfield to Chula Vista, surfing, skating, cruising the streets in hot cars, or cruising another galaxy in one of the countless video arcades, with the famous California sun shining down on all of it. 


Don’t act like you never noticed it though.  Even with that scenic postcard backdrop of sunshine and palm trees, there’s always an element of wildness, just under the surface, waiting to be unleashed.  It’s there in the coolers of beer on the beach, in the fluorescent bikinis that don’t leave the imaginations of Southern California’s beach going citizenry working all that hard to picture the rest.  It’s there in the sick waves and big air of all those boards, and it’s there in the fast cars and loud music on the strip. 

The fun isn’t over when the sun goes down.   All those things that are just hinted at during the daytime, come to life at night.  Those California girls, you know the ones that have David Lee all worked up, they’re craving some thrills, some action, and a lot of passion to go along with all that carefree, daytime fun.   The coolers full of beer become buckets of champagne, (and that’s real champagne from France, not just sparking wine) swimsuits become lingerie, and dangerous curves takes on an entirely different meaning.
 The good times are all there, waiting for you, but you do have to go looking for them, and more importantly, you need to know where to look.

Here’s a little secret from the pros.  A night of sensual pleasures starts with your footwear.   These aren’t just uninhibited, fun loving girls; they’re sophisticated ladies who won’t settle for anything less than exactly what they want.  They’re certainly not going to waste their time on someone who can’t even get their shoes right.  Lucky for you, there’s one shoe that’s never wrong: Vans.  

There’s a Vans for every occasion, and every customer, so why should that exclude the expression of desire?  We get it though; having a bunch of uptight types bring the hammer of “public decency” down on you can really kill the mood.  That’s where the Sub Rosa pack comes in.   

Latin for “under the rose” sub rosa is an age-old phrase denoting discretion and secrecy, the Sub Rosa pack is all about erotic entertainment amongst enthusiastically consenting adults in a high class, safe and comfortable atmosphere. 


Featuring a romantic rose motif, incorporated into the classic skate deigns of the Old Skool and Mid Skool , the Sub Rosa design is a discreet, tasteful way to let your partner know that you are adventurous and up for anything, while also being sensitive and aware of their needs.  

Now that you’ve got the right footwear, take those first steps into the garden of desire.  There’s no need to be shy about it.  We won’t tell anyone.  Everything stays right here underneath the roses. 


Talent: Angel Reyesfakieblunts, Atem Leke, Kevin Ramos, & Kenny Ramos
Supporting Photography: Angelique Alvarez, Matt Beauchemin
Supporting Videography: Mike Chew
Wardrobe: Maison Close
MUA: Heven Bekele