NO DAYS OFF Featuring Jacob Rochester

The Bodega x New Balance 997S transfers the ‘no days off’ ethos to a purely lifestyle realm, but lifestyle doesn’t mean idleness. Even if running was never your thing, there’s a whole lot of use to put your shoes to.


Versatility is a standout aspect of the Bodega 997S, much like the work of multimedia artist and designer Jacob Rochester. Our crew spent a day at Jacob’s home and workspace, documenting the process and approach he applies to his work. From architected drum loops, smooth brushstrokes, and confident clicks of the mouse - Jacob really harnesses the synergy between each medium to achieve an output that remains true to his own taste and style.


“No days off, I mean that’s just like a day-in day-out kind of thing for me - like I think it just comes back to having a passion or enjoying what you’re doing … You know what I mean? Even if it wasn’t freelance work or just work in general, I’d still be doing it - having a workflow that keeps going and keeps evolving.”