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Bodega x Air Max Day 2018

They say that 30 is the new 20.  Even if we’re never quite sure who “they” are, they’re not wrong.  Turing 30 isn’t the prologue to fiber supplements, ties as birthday gifts, and an impending midlife crisis that it once was.  If the average person can cross the threshold of a third decade with their youth more or less intact, imagine what the product of a genuine revolution in design and technology can do. 

Actually, there’s no need to imagine it, because in the 31 years since the game changing Air Max 1 took its first steps, the Air Max name has showed no signs of slowing down.  That’s an especially good thing when it comes to celebrating birthdays.  Having a few million devoted enthusiasts around the world kind of precludes the possibility of an intimate gathering with close friends, so Air Max Day is a full birthday bash instead.

This year, at Bodega, Air Max Day will include the most important part of any birthday party, the cake.  The centerpiece of Air Max day 2018, Sean Wotherspoon’s multicolored, corduroy Air Max 1/Air Max 97 hybrid, the winning entry in the Air Max Vote Forward competition has been reproduced in dessert form. 

Before you get to the cake though, you need to have the main course.  Air Max Day 2018 will feature a cake cutting, free giveaways, and vibes! Join us 4-6pm at both Boston and Los Angeles Locations.

It’s a party that’s been 31 years in the making.

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