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Answer the following questions in open-ended essay format.  Responses must be at least three paragraphs in length.  Please remember to write legibly.

1. How did the dispute between Henry II and Thomas Becket shape future relations between the monarchy and church in England? 

2. Citing specific, historical examples, discuss the legacy of the Magna Carta as a founding human rights document.

3. Discuss the role of propaganda and popular opinion in the historical perception of Richard III.

4. Explain the causes of the English Civil War, paying particular attention to the paradoxical nature between Oliver Cromwell’s beliefs and methods, and their effects on future political thought.

5. Compare and contrast William III with Louis XIV of France.  Explain how their personal animosity affected the course of European relations. 




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Art Direction | Ricky Orng
Photography | Saadia Naadira & Ricky Orng
Talent | Carina Allen & Johan
Quiz | Dan Alvarez