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Bodega Spring/Summer 2017

A sudden craving, something you’ve been waiting for, or just a certain item that you just plain forgot.  There’s always something that you need, but sometimes, getting there isn’t as simple as just walking down to your local corner store.  When you have to put your sneakers down to the accelerator and not the sidewalk to get there, there’s Bodega Automotive. 
Tokyo Speed is all about getting what you want, and getting it now.  From rare Evangelion figures in Akihabara to super limited shoes in Shibuya, the city is a collector’s dream, but getting across such a sprawling metropolis can be a traffic nightmare. 
Luckily, you can still count on a Ninja or a Katana to get a job done.  We’re talking about 599 ccs of liquid cooled, four stroke power, and not razor sharp steel; get with the times.  It’s 2017.  Hop on; you’ll get there with enough extra time to grab a convenience store onigiri before your train pulls out of Shinjuku station. 
Pure speed is fine, when you’re zipping across densely packed cityscapes, but what happens when you need to cover highway miles to reach your destination?  Business may have landed you in Munich, but pleasure is calling in Berlin.  That’s when you reach for German, Precision Engineering. 
On the Autobahn, a circular sign with four, diagonal lines signals Ende aller Streckenverbote, “the limits no longer apply.”  It’s exactly what it sounds like: no speed limits.  It’s not a place for amateurs, and it’s certainly not a place for double-checking; Whether you’re opening up on the road, or navigating fairy tale, cobblestoned streets, you want your machine to be an extension of your body, with everything second nature.  You’ve got things besides your car to worry about, like how close you’re cutting the starting time of your meeting.
What if the distance you have to cover isn’t over the course of the immaculately maintained surface of driving Shangri-La?  Instead, it’s part of the decaying highways and byways of America, complete with potholes that haven’t been filled since the roads were staffed by the Public Works Administration.  One good bump there, and some of that delicate, precision engineering might be out of alignment with a quickness.  If you want to handle getting a good chunk of Interstate in your front axle, you need American Iron.  It’s the only way to have the world’s best cup of coffee in Wheeling, Cleveland, and Bad Axe, Michigan (yeah, it’s a real town) all in the same day.
Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a custom, sci-fi themed, robotic helmet paint job, making sure your wax job is gleaming over every last inch of your car, or elbow deep in grease, making adjustments after a particularly long haul, Bodega Automotive has you covered.  No matter what kind of driver you are, everyone wants to get to where they’re going looking good.

Bodega Spring/Summer 2017 releases exclusively at Bodega & on Tuesday, June 13th at 11:00am EST.















Talent: Uzumaki Cepeda + Buddy
Written: Dan Alvarez