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Bodega Spring/Summer '18 - Delivery 2

Do something that's completely pointless, and bring your friends. 

The onset of summer has, going back thousands of years, been a time for celebration.  Granted, the higher stakes represented by a time in human history when life was ruled by the natural environment, like the prospect of not running out of food and starving to death, or not freezing to death in the middle of a forest are more pressing than a day at the beach.  Even though the weather isn't always a matter of life and death, doesn't mean there's no cause for celebration.  From the ritual bonfires of antiquity to the flames coming off of the barbecue grill, the basic principle of summer is the same.  The warm weather is a time for getting out, and taking advantage of nature in full bloom.

One of the most important aspects of summer festivities, traditional or modern, is that they are communal affairs.  What is the collective spasm of joy that accompanies the final bell of the school year, if not a ritualistic, community based celebration?  No matter what your preferred form of fun happens to be, the swimming pool, the courts and fields of summer sports, or the preferably air conditioned indoor escape where you can catch up on some serious gaming, they are best enjoyed in groups, even video games. (Trust us, you don't want to be that kid that mastered one of the new Mortal Kombat fatalities without anyone around to see it. No one believes it later.)

The trouble with adulthood is that the opportunities for extended periods of officially sanctioned idleness aren't really a thing once you leave school.  Once you commit the amount of time that you used to spend on picking out ice cream flavors to commuting, you tend to notice things like 90 percent humidity more. 

This summer, get back to your roots.  We can't promise you a two month vacation, but the relaxing vibes of the latest designs from the Bodega Spring/Summer '18 collection offer a way to recapture those feelings of freedom.  Do something that's completely pointless, and bring your friends. 

Bodega Spring/Summer 2018 Delivery 2 releases Tuesday, June 19th - in-store at both Bodega locations and online at noon EST on