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Bodega LA Launch Party Recap

Bodega LA Launch Party

We decided to give everyone a preview of our upcoming shop in downtown LA during NBA All Star Weekend. The vibes were right, our friends were going to be in from all over the globe, and we had just finished printing up all this counterfeit money that we needed to do something legal with.   

Naturally, we found a warehouse venue on the outskirts of skid row, shoutout to 1720™, and built out a freestanding Bodega to hand out churros & fresh fruit. Things were going great until an uninvited calypso band jumped on stage and things got a bit surreal from there. Shout out to all our friends who played & our crew who setup everything!  Although we didn't get to do all the weird things we planned with this party (we were missing a guy on rollerskates handing out pregnancy tests) it was definitely the talk of the town marking our strange and beautiful journey to the heart of Los Angeles.