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Here’s a refresher from grade school science days.  

Color is not inherent in objects.  The surface of objects reflects the wavelength of light that we see as color, while absorbing all the other wavelengths. 

Color, because it’s all around us, it’s one of the easiest phenomena in the natural world to take for granted.  But the complexities of biology required to transmit the sensation of color are dizzying, with the eye’s millions of rods and cones processing and transmitting to the brain the individual wavelengths of light that we see as color.  Of course, as with any new scientific information, the theory of color as the manifestation of light’s wavelengths had to be proven, hence the practical demonstration of the light-refracting prism.
New Balance’s latest release project, from their premium, Made in the UK range, the ColorPrisma, takes its visual inspiration from the spectrum of colors produced by the classic, geometric prism.  Just as the seemingly simple process of seeing color is, behind the scientific scenes, a fascinatingly intricate process, the ColorPrisma utilizes a deceptively simple design, across two versions of the classic 1500 runner. 
Featuring pigskin suede and mesh uppers and the performance comfort of the ENCAP cushioning system, the ColorPrisma pack showcases two classically athletic colorways, a colorful red, blue, black, and white design, and a more neutral option in off white and black, that are accented by multicolored spectrum New Balance branding at the tongue, and 1500 branding at the heel counter.
The New Balance Made in UK ColorPrisma pack will be available in the United States exclusively at Bodega’s Boston and Los Angeles locations this Friday. 4/20.