Bodega 'Blank Canvas' Drop

It was the kind of atmosphere only a mid-December Holiday party could create.  The actual holidays are almost here, but not quite, there’s still obligations to fulfill, clocks to punch, tests to take.  The music is the kind of crowd pleasing mix that conveys festivity to a wide audience.  Even when you’re carefree in the moment, it’s not substantial; it’s like trying to make a meal out of the candy cane dish.  There’s just enough space between songs to get restive, for the eyes to wander across the room and happen across that Yin/Yang hat.  That is so cool.  Yin/Yangs are really in right now.

Eggshell boy.

Not eggshell like an actual eggshell, that would carry connotations of fragility, which would carry connotations of human emotion.  Eggshell like the soft colored paint that covers everything from outdoor concrete walls, to household appliances, to furniture showrooms.   Basically, anywhere that wants to project an air of passive neutrality.  In the moment, it allows you to project your imagination onto a blank space, but you wouldn’t want to live with eggshell.

His sweater at the party was an eggshell color. It matched the hat.

He probably regrets giving you the jacket now.  In hindsight, it was a performance put on for anyone who happened to be watching, just mirroring something that other people might have done sincerely.  It’s such a recognized gesture though, that anyone could read whatever they want into it. 

Human eggshell. 

The jacket fits alright.  More than alright actually.  Something is going to have to be done with those  sleeves; they’re eggshell.  You realize the jacket is reversible, and turn it inside out.  Camouflage, now we’re talking.  Head back downtown, cut through an office complex, science and tech buildings, eggshell everywhere.  You spy a colorful defacement of an eggshell wall, left by some emissary from the real world.  It’s a popular obscenity, in bright red.  It screams out from the eggshell.  You laugh.


Words - Dan Alvarez
Imagery - Tommy Boudreau + Pat Peltier
Models - Mushen Kieta + Kal Kieta