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Bodega x Reebok Inferno 'Tweed' Pack

We’ve noticed our perennial intern, Terry Blay, has been acting funny lately. He’s been combing his hair, reading books, drinking martinis in lieu of beer mixed with mouthwash, using the word ‘indubitably’ a great deal, and most alarmingly of all, carrying out his assigned work tasks to completion. We can’t help but wonder if our latest collaboration with Reebok is having an effect on his behavior.

The Reebok x Bodega Tweed Inferno adds the traditional wool fabric associated with genteel, autumnal, outdoor leisure with a more familiar sneaker material, nu-buck suede. Originally released as an lightweight running shoe featuring Hexalite cushioning technology, the Inferno has always carried a certain, understated elegance which made it the perfect candidate for a country manor makeover. Because a gentleman is truly set apart by the details, the Tweed Inferno features discreet Reebok branding beneath the Tweed panels, and a subtle Bodega logo stamped on the shoe’s tongue.

The Bodega x Reebok Inferno 'Tweed' Pack drops Friday, October 9, at 12:00am online and 11:00am in-store. $90 USD.

Photography: Tommy Boudreau