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Bodega x Adidas Consortium ZX Flux

What is it that truly differentiates human from animal?  Philosophically, the question may never be answered.  In practical terms, one would have to conclude that an answer, if not the answer, is tools.  When you think about it, in terms of natural gifts we are a pretty pathetic lot.  Outmuscled and outrun by the great beasts of the earth, outswam by nearly anything that makes its home in water, outflown by any and every manner of bird:  we can barely step on a bug without succumbing to some poisonous bite.   Things would look pretty bleak for humanity without our tools.  

A sneaker is a tool.  Over the decades, they may have become fashion icons, trends, the object of infinite obsessions, and the center of a global culture, but the essential function of the sneaker is a tool.  It is meant to provide support and comfort that the human foot cannot provide on its own, to withstand the strain of physical exertion. 

Like the people who wield them, tools have evolved over time.  A journey that began with the wheel, ended in outer space.  The running shoe began as a primitive, leather foot covering.  It performed the bare minimum task of keeping the foot from being injured by external objects in its path.   By modern standards, they would have been worse than trying to run in dress shoes, but each new epoch of change brought improvements: better cushioning, lighter materials, dynamic support systems, all being constantly refined in the quest for the ultimate runner.  Today, the running shoe’s journey has reached the point of flux.   

The ZX Flux BDGA exudes an aura of calmness which can be attributed to its inconspicuous aesthetic. A plausible implication as the color-scheme is influenced by the ambience of Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”. In addition to the slow-paced story-line and classical music, a warm palette of reds, yellows, and oranges combined with the deep black of outer space conveys a relaxing atmosphere. Bodega have transferred this aesthetic onto their upcoming ZX Flux which is a great rendition of the iconic art direction in the movie and promotional artwork.

The all-black upper of the ZX Flux BDGA is constructed in a densely woven nylon featuring an asymmetrical panel with strands of reflective yarn covering the full toe-box and parts of both sides. Suede leather is used on tongue and heel stabilizer adding more depth to the overall appearance of the shoe. Just as the steel grey of the spaceships and the white interiors present a stark contrast to deep space in the film, the off-white outsole–with a speckled back panel–offers an equally strong contrast on this ZX Flux. The pale yellow found on the leather lining and outsole as well as the orange highlights are a direct reference to the space-suits from the movie. Subtle branding in the form of Bodega’s signet was placed on the tongue and heel labels.

In addition to the black laces, the shoes come with two additional sets in red and off-white. All three have Bodega-branded tips.

The adidas Consortium ZX Flux BDGA will be released at Bodega, Boston on July 18th at 11am EST both in-store and online at

Photos: Albert Huerta + Moses Sium