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Brand Spotlight: iSlide

Whether it was keeping burning sand directly off of human feet, making sure that its wearers didn’t have to walk barefoot on precariously wet, poolside cement, or thwarting the omnipresent “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign, the humble slide sandal has always gotten by, by meeting the bare minimum expectation.
With that in mind, the choice in sandals has usually been an afterthought. After all, why bother carefully choosing something that you’re just going to throw on from point a to point b.
Islide is here to change the way you think about sandals entirely.  During their short existence, Islide’s innovations have already jolted the slide sandal out of its predictable rut. Offering sandals that are not only top quality and exceptionally comfortable, but customizable as well has proved to be a winning formula for ISlide. 
Islide’s latest offering, the Waves Gel, pushes the concept to a new level: one that will bring the slide sandal off the beaches, and away from the pool, into every day wear. What makes these sandals so different?  Functionality.  Islides patent-pending Waves Gel technology adds a new dimension of comfort.  The gel cushioning supports the foot and absorbs the shock of movement  in a way that no other slide is capable of. 
The Waves Gel features a distinct, Aztec pattern on the foot strap in two colorways: red and white and black and white.  Only 200 pairs of each colorway will be produced. These will be available only at five of the most prestigious sneaker boutique locations worldwide. 
The Aztec print Waves Gel will not be reproduced or reissued. Don’t let these pass you by; like a youthful summer, once the run of 200 is gone, it is gone.  

The Islide Waves Gel will be available 6.20.15 at 12:00 AM EST on and in-store at 11 AM.

Photography: Tommy Boudreau

Model: Pat Peltier