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BANDULU S/S 2015 Lookbook

Bandulu, the stand out couturier on the street level, returns with its unique approach to classic. Bandulu aims to create a shared history with their vintage pieces, by directly embellishing the original garment, rather than rendering it unrecognizable. These embellishments are individually hand-stitched cotton thread, which become a permanent, integrated part of the clothing, creating a one of a kind, new item. 
For its Spring 2015 collection, Bandulu delves deeper into its vintage Champion archive. These classic athletic sweats conjure images of rugged, classic pieces, worn to death, with the artist markings to prove it. Whether those markings came from a particularly spirited game of football, or a particularly large condiment spill, we like to think of these Champion embellishments as immortalizing a life fully lived.

 The Bandulu S/S '15 Collection will release Saturday May 2nd in-store and online at 12 pm EST.

Photographer: Guarionex Rodriguez Jr. shot on Haasleblad Medium Format / Kodak Ektar Film
Models: Luka Sabbat / Paul Zotov
Styling: Pat Peltier