Bodega x Saucony Elite Pattern Recognition

When the 80s gave way to the 1990s, it seemed like a time of limitless possibilities and refreshed optimism.  Maybe it was the dizzying array of new sugar based products, or maybe when the cold war ended, we were able to stop worrying about the world blowing up for the first time in decades.  Either way, there was a vast, cultural exhale and an expansive sense of freedom. 

In the fashion world, we celebrated these times with patterns, patterns, and more patterns.  When we ran out of space to fit patterns, we filled it with bright colors.  Some naysayers questioned the wisdom of using so much boldness at the same time, but, perhaps spurred on by extra caffeinated cola and gummi-sharks, we remained undeterred.

Saucony was, and is, game for this spirit of sartorial adventurism.  No surprise, given their long history of technical innovation.  The latest effort from Saucony Elite isn’t just mixing colors and patterns.  Saucony is mixing their classic shoes.  The G9 Shadow 6 takes Saucony’s groundbreaking grid support sole, and attaches it to the classic Shadow 6000 upper. 

Yes, a bright color here, and a wild pattern there might have found their way onto this shoe.  But if you have a problem with bright blues, rich purples, deep olive green, geometric patterns, and animal prints all in the same place, we can only say one thing.  Deal with it; it’s the 90s.  

The Bodega x Saucony Elite 'Pattern Recognition' Pack will release on Saturday, May 2, 2015 - at 11am EST both in-store and online at Retail is $120 per pair.

Photography: Tommy Boudreau