Featured Artist: Will Long

Will Long was born on August 4th,1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. He spends most of his time sculpting, painting or fishing. 

Will has participated in numerous group exhibitions worldwide; most recently at Design Festa Gallery in Shibuya, Japan. He is known for scratch building highly detailed robotic sculptures from found objects, as well as collaging hundreds of hand-cut pieces of paper into mosaic cityscapes.   

He received his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2009, and currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.

Artist Statement:

For me it's all about process and structure. 

Finding, selecting, building and layering, I explore the interactions between distinct elements - mechanical or organic, subtle or graphic.  

Each piece is meticulously hand-cut from stacks of customized paper. 

My work reflects an ever-growing influence of construction and nature, as well as the fusion that surrounds us in the urban environment.