F/W Arrivals: Needles + Engineered Garments


Quality and creativity consistently rules among Japanese labels here at the shop with each brand continuously finding a way to recreate over and again. Needles managed to do just that with the M-65 x MA-1 jacket for this fall -  stripping the M-65 of it’s sleeves and attaching those of an MA-1, Needles was able to make a piece that’s very unique with classic pieces that have existed, at the earliest, the mid-fifties. Deconstructed vintage flannels and shirts also make their way into Needles latest collection - with the purpose being to piece them together and create one of a kind standout pieces. The details on the down jacket should be noted also; the Jacquard weave is no small feat and only adds more depth to a staple piece.  The Beeches Pant represents Engineered Garments' ethos perfectly: strong quality matched with great attention to detail. The reinforced interior knee area and the four button closure allows a simple outfit to garner reaction upon further inspection. Nepenthes deserves praise for being able to create brands with very different visions that execute and act on their own, but in a very thorough manner.

Shop the fall/winter 2014 collections from Needles here and Engineered Garments here.

Photography: Marisa Benjamin
Words + Styling: Fishur 45
Model: Pat Peltier