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Dystopia: Cav Empt F/W 2014

The first delivery from Cav Empt’s Fall/Winter 2014 offering has landed along with the latest from Raf Simons x Adidas. Not only does Cav Empt do what they do best in their most recent work, mashing early cpu graphic styles with a splash of social commentary but they go a step further to include some modern day social tech bytes. Examples of the latter include the use of emoji graphics across the Eye Contact L/S and Pink Noise Tees, while the Waiting Shirt comes spotted with what heavy iPhone users see when their device runs out of juice.  Per usual, C.E includes a couple more involved pieces such as the Mil-Tech Cargo Pant to showcase their ability to create more technical wares.

Creative Direction & Styling: Ramón Golden & Mars King Duncan
Photography: Ricky Orng
Models: Robeson Monteiro & Samir Sadiq