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15 Year Anniversary

Whenever someone asks about how to get into our industry, build their brand, or pitch their business idea, the first thing we tell them is "Don't Do it. 90% of ventures fail in the first five years, there's too much risk, you won't be able to take a vacation or day off for years, the hours are insane and it will consume your entire existence." If the young entrepreneur persists and still wants in the game, then they might have what it takes to survive and even thrive in our industry.

Bodega hit 15 years today and we're grateful. Grateful to everyone who's supported us, our brand partners who trust and build business with us, and our team members past, present and future who work tirelessly in search of greatness. It was incredibly difficult to get to this point with personal sacrifices too innumerable and mundane to mention. It is also one of the greatest achievements of our lives and we are enthused that the juggernaut of our brand keeps growing.

One lesson we learned early on is that we work in service to our customers, our team and to the company at large. We don't really work for ourselves. The long hours of the founders are to make sure that others have a great experience, that staff have a path to flourish, and everyone gets paid on time. When you work for the betterment of the larger community who in turn support you, beautiful things occur and your growth is limitless.

We think back to when we started and realize that we are exactly where we hoped to be. And yet, there is so much more for us to create and to look forward to. We hope everyone who wants to pursue a path of entrepreneurship and professional creativity gets to enjoy some of what we get to on the Bodega journey.


Jay, Dan, and Oliver
Co-founders of Bodega