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Bodega FW13 Collection


Continuing their onslaught into the apparel arena, Boston’s Bodega keep their lookbook local by integrating the surrounding neighborhood into it’s shots. Photographed by Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr., the lookbook combines various pieces of the Bodega 2013 Fall/Winter collection with projections of Roxbury and Dorchester areas. For more information on the release of the collection and further shots from the lookbook, click on through.

Known for challenging the boundaries of material and design, Bodega blended seemingly contrasting fabrics and textiles to produce a unique combination of items for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. While the detailing on the Navajo Oxford Shirt demonstrates the brand’s appreciation for small accents, the combination of the cable knitting and heavy fleece on the Alpine Hoody illustrate Bodega’s calculated disregard for conventional designs. Moreover, Bodega continues it’s tradition of providing consistently on-point headwear, featuring their distinctive takes on both the 5-panel and the snapback. “We stay true to our aesthetic, but the key is that we are constantly trying to out do ourselves every season,” shared creative director Marvin Bynoe, the lead designer of the Bodega team. “Our goal is to make timeless garments. We would love to see our garments cycled throughout the years to come.”

“This is the place right? I can grab some dryer sheets in here?” Looking at the shelves, a look of puzzlement appears on the man’s face: what is a can of Raid doing on the same shelf as toothpaste, or dishwasher soap for that matter? It doesn’t seem to make sense. Anyhow, no dryer sheets, and the fellow leaves to continue his search. If he had only taken a step back and seen the the coconut milk next to the ham flavored concentrate next to Chocolate Chip Crunch. Then maybe it all would have made sense. Or maybe it would have simply confused him further. Bodega will do that. But if you’re lucky, you might leave the shop with your expectations for the world subtly readjusted. The Bodega 2013 Fall/Winter collection comes at a pivotal time in the brand’s history. Marvin Bynoe, the store’s creative director, recently moved out to Seattle, while fellow conspirator and Bodega designer Randy Price, remained in Boston. Though separated, the two continue to find inspiration in everything around them, no matter the location. “I’ve always fed off of Dorchester, MA and how the kids there can stand out with such subtle details,” says Marvin over email. “So far in the Northwest I’m seeing people wearing a lot of technical apparel and water resistant clothing due to the fact it rains all the time here.” While influences for the FW13 collection come from array of sources, from “graffiti” to “the Hamptons,” the Bodega line continues to soften the boundaries between the youth and the grown. To Randy, this softening is natural, but does not define the brand. He says, “I see Bodega as a street wear brand. We embrace the lane we're in but we're never strictly dictated by it...We want our product to have the same impact now and forever, or until we're all wearing grey one piece jumpsuits.” Lucky for us, monochromatic jumpsuits are far, far, far down the line, with the FW13 collection featuring various pieces that boast contrasting fabrics and colors. The Corduroy Vest, for example, is a staff favorite. “My favorite piece in the line is the down vest Randy designed,” mentions Marvin. “I love this piece the most because it has very interesting cuts and color blocking. I also love the subtle fabric mixing, which can be hard to do.” But in terms of ambition, for Randy, the Leather Bomber takes the cake. “An iconic piece like this demands high attention to detail and the highest quality materials. Sourcing the leather was by far [our] biggest challenge,” he said. At the end of the day though, it’s not what about what you’re wearing, but maybe rather how you’re wearing it. “I love streetwear cause it draws influence and aesthetics from every facet of fashion,” Randy says. “You’re free to express that however it fits you without having to fit in anywhere.” Marvin agrees, “If you can carry yourself with confidence that's all that matters. Ladies love a confident man, so do what feels right. And I get bitches, so I would know.”

The Bodega 2013 Fall/Winter collection will launch exclusively through Bodega at 6 Clearway St., Boston, MA, and on September 14th, 2013. The collection will also be found at exclusive retail partners in late September.

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Oliver Mak

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