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Wingtips and Quarter Waters: Mad Comfy

Wingtips and Quarter Waters is an ongoing series brought to you by the nefarious mind of our in-house egg-thrower, Clynton Cox. Bridging the gap between the hoity-toitiness of the menswear world with his street sensibilities, Clynton brings his comical voice to stylized looks you can find sitting on the Bodega shelves. He reminds us that no matter what you're wearing, you gotta wear it nicely, literally and figuratively. Wingtips and Quarter Waters demonstrates a fundamental Bodega principle: if you're gonna stunt some nice ish, don't be a dick about it. 

Sweats are like the wearable equivalent of one of those memory foam pillows...


If you drool on them they start to smell like stale spit and your shoulder gets all soggy, er, I mean, once you put your mark on them, they become the go-to choice, just based on sheer comfortability (I mean crap, have you used one of those things?)


Now, if you got a well cut, well fitting sweat piece, that's a whole different story. You've entered the realm of comfort & stuntability, a realm only few travel.


 Throw a button up under a sweatshirt, and it's real easy to look like a P.E. teacher who just needed to feel like a "young professional."


 With the right fit and pairings tho, you'd look like his english pedagogical counterpart. ::

IMG_0383 Top: Folk Crochet Sweat Bottom: DIY Black Denim Cutoffs Sneakers: Bodega x New Balance 577 HYPRCAT Bag: Nanamica Roll Top Backpack Glasses: Han Kjobenhavn Doc Sunglasses Model: Clynton Cox Styling: Clynton Cox Photos by: Tommy Boudreau Words by: Clynton Cox and William Yu