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Cav Empt

IMG_1102-Edited We're excited to announce a new brand that just hit our shelves, Cav Empt (aka C.E.). Powered by influential designers SK8THING, Toby Feltwell, and Hishi, three creatives who drove the art direction of famed brands BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club, and Ice Cream, Cav Empt uses the collective  experiences of the three to make something new and fresh. If you check out the lookbook video you'll feel like you're in the matrix or some trippy Starfox dimension. Taking inspiration from science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick, Cav Empt strives to put emphasis on how everything in life is a matter of how you perceive it. For example, the Simulation button down features a quote from  French Philosopher Jean Baudrillard's "Simulcacra and Simulation", a text that questions what "real" is. The quote suggests that everything in our lives that we interpret as "real" is only a simulation within our minds. Definitely something that'll get you thinking. Check out some more pieces of the Spring/Summer line below and shop the collection here. IMG_1122-Edited IMG_1123-Edited IMG_1151-Edited IMG_1155-Edited IMG_1168-Edited IMG_1186-Edited IMG_1188-Edited IMG_1190-Edited Words & Images: Tommy Boudreau Model: Drew White