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Finding the Fit

Finding-the-Fit-Edited First off, let it be said that “fit” is a relative term. No matter what you wear, the fit will ultimately depend on the style and look that you go for. But what’s to be held above all else is that no magazine or look book can tell you what fit will immediately be right for you, you’ve got to figure that out for yourself. So experiment with sizes, cuts, and influences. Maybe that means going a size down on those button-down for a fitted look, or going a size up on that hoodie on some different ish. The ladies seem to have got a slew of fit tricks they use to their advantage: horizontal stripes make you look a little pudgy, shoes with straps shorten your legs, a short necklace can shorten your neck, the list goes on and on. For guys, let’s be honest, we won’t think to grab a shirt with thick plaid lines to slim our torso. We just want a piece that’ll take care of it all. In tossing some ideas around the shop, the debate over what can be slimmed up or bagged down summed up to this final argument: brands from our eastern partners like Deluxe and Head Porter lean towards a trimmer look, while stateside brands like Mark McNairy New Amsterdam and Penfield offer a looser shape. And all the while, there are items, like our Bodega Sweat Shorts, or the EG Nautical Vest, that can go either way. See for yourself in the images below. What fit do you prefer: slim or baggy? Clynton (slim): IMG_0616-Edited IMG_0625-Edited IMG_0634-Edited Deluxe Jacket Stussy Deluxe x Be Positive Camo Shoes Monitaly Vacation Shirt     Clynton (Baggy): IMG_0600-Edited IMG_0554-Edited Mark McNairy Bi-Color Varsity Jacket Ownsake Japanese Polka Dot Oxford Shirt ASICS x St. Alfred Gel-Lyte III Sneakers       Words: William Yu Images: Tommy Boudreau