Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals S/S '16

Pharrell Williams has collaborated with Adidas on multiple occasions. The team-up produces something different every time, but there is a common element that is carried across all of the various collections, a sense of the unexpected. Adidas and Pharrell are at it again, with the “Pink Beach” collection.

If summer isn’t just around the corner, it’s in the neighborhood. A beach themed collection seems like it would be a perfect showcase for the vivid explosion of color, similar to the Supercolor release that saw the iconic silhouette released in every conceivable color variation. It’s just a natural fit, right? Wrong.

The Pink Beach collection pairs its summer vibes with a palette favoring the classic and the neutral. A button down shirt, shorts, and, for when the summer breezes pick up just enough, a windbreaker and blouson, feature an island inspired graphic take on some classic good vibes imagery: flowers, hearts, peace signs, beaming suns, and the like. These visuals are paired with olive, black, and white colorways that provide a stark, utilitarian contrast, for a unique take on the bright and shiny imagery.

The accompanying footwear inverts the classic Adidas to summer fun ratio. Rather than serve up iconic silhouettes in bright colors, Adidas and Pharrell offer uber-casual, elastic paneled interpretations of a low profile tennis silhouette. The footwear comes in slip on and lace up options, and is outfitted in two colorways.

A mix of vibrant hues and earth tones compliments the island vibe of the Pink Beach collection, while the second colorway, a classic Adidas tennis court look of white and fairway green is a combination of the forward thinking aesthetic and the classic athletic color scheme that results in a summer shoe for any situation.



Photography: Ricky Orng
Talent: Julia Pimes Mata & Tyler Shepard-Moffatt
Words: Dan Alvarez