Cav Empt S/S '16 Lookbook

There is a dystopian version of the future suited to practically everyone’s storytelling tastes. The common thread that unites all of them is the ability of the masses to trudge through whatever daily routine there is. The chilling, primal drive embedded in the psyche to simply exist, no matter how bad things get. 

So many dystopian visions are the product of cataclysmic upheaval: wars, disasters, etc resulting in a forceful reorganization of society. Maybe these visions give people too much credit. What if George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Philip K. Dick were all wrong, and their visions of “a boot stamping on a human face, forever,” soma, and nuclear wastelands weren’t the paths that the eternally oppressive future would take? 

Maybe the real threat is entropy.  Maybe dystopia is just the droning hum of a fluorescent light and a total unwillingness to change?  Buyer beware, Fight the future


Photography: Tommy Boudreau

Talent: Andrew Ohman

Styling: Ricky Orng