Adidas Y-3 QASA HIGH Black Adidas Y-3 QASA HIGH Black Adidas Y-3 QASA HIGH Black


Adidas Y-3


It took a while for the fashion world to notice that the love affair with sneakers went beyond their intended, athletic uses, but once they caught on, the high fashion labels have issued a steady stream of sneakers or ‘sneaker inspired’ silhouettes. 

It’s only natural for the actual sneaker companies to try their hand, but if you were expecting a ‘lifestyle’ shoe vaguely reminiscent of an old Samba, think again.  What makes the Adidas Y-3 range stand out is its ability to combine the technical manufacturing ability and athletic sensibility with the avant-garde fashion design of Yohji Yamamoto. 

The Fall 2015 Y-3 collection features runway interpretations of classic court silhouettes, a performance basketball shoe restyled as high end streetwear, and running shoes distilled into sleek, futuristic, minimalist splendor. 

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