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Vault by Vans T-Shirts x Ralph Steadman LEOPARD TEE
Vault by Vans T-Shirts x Ralph Steadman LEOPARD TEE
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x Ralph Steadman LEOPARD TEE

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The latest collaborative project from Vault by Vans sees Vans’ premium imprint partner with legendary artist Ralph Steadman and conservationist organization WildAid, on a collection designed to raise awareness about endangered species threatened by extinction.

A range of footwear, apparel, and skate decks, created with the most sustainable materials available, feature illustrations in Steadman’s signature, splatter heavy style that were previously contributed to filmmaker/writer Ceri Levy’s published books on the subject, Critical Critters, Extinct Boids, and Nextinction.

Organic Cotton Tee featuring the Amur Leopard: Seventy—the number of Amur leopards remaining in the Russian Far East and northern China. Two hundred fifty—the number of Amur leopards in breeding programs being prepared to enter the wild in the event of extinction of the remaining seventy. Habitat loss and poaching of the leopard and its prey are the main factors for its disappearance. Unbelievably, leopard fur is still considered desirable by certain fashionistas. Big cats should not become hats.

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