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x Pleasures SAMBA





Thanks to soccer being treated as a niche interest in the United States for so many years, the Samba might be the most underrated of all the iconic, bedrock three stripes models, which is kind of like being a part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling that gets looked at slightly less than the Creation of Adam. In other words, still one of the greatest things ever created.

The Samba is timeless, essential, looks good with everything, and a gorgeous burgundy edition of the Samba Super variant was even showcased in the opening of Trainspotting.

A collaborative edition of this all-time classic with Pleasures puts the 90s revivalists’ skewed sensibilities at the center of the Samba’s universally appealing looks. First, the familiar black leather, white stripes, gum sole construction becomes a total, Spinal Tap, none more black style black out. Black upper, black stripes, tonal branding, black sole, black everything. Then, an outsized, embroidered ‘Pleasures’ wordmark is emblazoned across the side of the shoe.

It’s a not a form of the Samba that you see every day, which is kind of the whole point.

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