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Reebok Outerwear x Pleasures ANORAK
Reebok Outerwear x Pleasures ANORAK
Reebok Outerwear x Pleasures ANORAK
Reebok Outerwear x Pleasures ANORAK

x Pleasures ANORAK

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Just a couple of years ago, “up and coming” would have still applied to Los Angeles label Pleasures. In 2019, though, the secret is all the way out. Pleasures are a leading name in streetwear fashion, thanks to their 90s, subculture driven aesthetic. But, just as Nevermind’s ascent up the charts spawned countless, flannel clad pretenders, the 90s fashion resurgence has given rise to its own horde of hangers on. What sets Pleasures apart from all the slapdash, reference bingo graphic tees out there, is that Pleasures truly understand the cultural forces at work that made 90s culture what it was.

So much of what made the 90s work was the convergence of so many disparate elements. Some things had spent years existing under the radar, outside the acknowledgement of mainstream culture, until the lid could not physically be kept on any longer, and other things were new developments, but once they started mixing, there was no going back. Remember when Robert Smith started wearing Nike hi-tops with all his outfits? It was like a whole decade of that.

Reebok and Pleasures capture the mash up spirit that birthed things like rap-metal and rock and jock softball games on MTV, with a new capsule that explores the intersection of light and dark.

The Aztrek trail runner trades in athletic mesh for a black suede and leather upper featuring D-ring metal hardware, for a distinctly underground, after dark, goth/industrial influence that’s way more KMFDM than it is 5k. The casual classic, Club C 85 tennis silhouette represents for the bright and bold aesthetic of 90s sportswear, with a lush suede upper decked out in bright shades of blue and green.

The collection’s apparel features sportswear basics, shorts, track bottoms, anoraks, in a 90s appropriate nylon construction, with both the black and bright color palettes represented, respectively.

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  • Shell: 100% nylon plain weave; Lining: 100% polyester mesh
  • Oversize fit
  • Large double-entry front pocket with flap
  • Half zip
  • Oversize hood
  • Drawcords on hood and hem for adjustable fit
  • Elastic cuffs and hem
  • PLEASURES logo embroidered on pocket flap
  • Reebok Vector logo embroidered on hood
  • Reflectivity for added low-light visibility


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