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x Pleasures 1461 TRIBAL QUAD RETRO

Dr. Martens




The 90s revival going in contemporary fashion is everywhere now. The levels of flannel and disaffection in the atmosphere probably haven’t been this high since 1994, making the time ripe for a collaborative project between Doc Martens and Pleasures.

Los Angeles based Pleasures have been at the vanguard of the 90s fashion revival. Their mix of irreverent, confrontational and cryptic graphic design is the product of having authentically immersed themselves in their subcultural inspirations the first time around.

Dr. Martens’ subculture bona fides need no introduction, but to put it in purely 90s terms, you would have been able to easily spot them at Lollapalooza, Woodstock 94, the Tibetan Freedom Concert, the Warped Tour, Ozzfest and the Family Values tour.

The Dr. Martens x Pleasures team up sees two versions of the iconic, low-cut, 3 eye, 1461 silhouette adorned with graphics paying tribute to punk and industrial fashion. The 1461 Teeth is all black, down to the signature stitching, with a jagged tooth illustration and ‘NOW’ text at the heel bringing a raw, DIY inspired energy. The 1461 Tribal Quad Retro takes its visual cues from the Industrial scene’s multi faceted origins. Harsh guitars, electronic beats, goth and metal theatrics and hardcore punk energy converged to create a new strain. The 1461 Quad Retro reflects these influences with an exaggerated platform sole, tribal graphic, studded detailing and checkerboard laces.

Two big advantages to these Docs coming out now, instead of the actual 90s: 1. You probably won’t get sent to talk to the school counselor for wearing them, and 2. with music streaming, you don’t have to choose between buying these or five CDs.

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