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Neighborhood Bags x Perks and Mini NHPM / E-GLOVE
Neighborhood Bags x Perks and Mini NHPM / E-GLOVE
Neighborhood Bags x Perks and Mini NHPM / E-GLOVE
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x Perks and Mini NHPM / E-GLOVE

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There isn't really a rule book for successful collaborative projects, but one thing that many of the most memorable joint efforts have in common is an ability to play the most distinctive aspects of each respective partner off of each other, in a way that results in something greater than the sum of its component parts. 

A collaborative capsule from Neighborhood and Perks and Mini sees the classic, biker-punk aesthetic of the former combine with the graphic heavy, altered perception outlook of the latter. 

Neighborhood staple silhouettes: hoodies, bombers, sweats and denim, along with essential accessories like caps, gloves and bags, is outfitted with P.A.M.'s striking eye motif and inter-dimensional imagery. Is the all-over graphic boldness given more solid ground to stand on by the timelessness of rugged utilitarianism, or is the perennial reliability of this always in-fashion street style launched into unforeseen reaches of the cosmos? It's impossible to say for sure, because it's up to individual interpretation. Which is precisely the point of the whole project.  

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 

  • 100% Polyester fleece 
  • Woven Brand Patch
  • Approximate Dimensions: Medium - 10.5cm / Large - 12cm


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