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Converse T-Shirts x P.A.M. TEE
Converse T-Shirts x P.A.M. TEE
Converse T-Shirts x P.A.M. TEE

x P.A.M. TEE

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By Merriam-Webster definition, mutation quite literally mean ‘a significant and basic alteration: change.’ But, for Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) co-founders Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey, mutation is more explicitly ‘about evolution and the idea of what’s to come, what the future could be. It is not a rigid or singular way of thinking. It is an openness. We must adapt’, say the designers. Much of P.A.M.’s design theory comes from personifying the idea of mutation, creating clothing and accessories that are physical transformations of classic pieces, contemplating the future. This Winter, the brand continues to tap into this narrative and theme of mutation, releasing their collaborative take on the Chuck 70 and select Converse apparel.

While the collection includes a Track Pant, Hoodie, and Long and Short Sleeve shirts, the most impressive piece is the reversible Quilted Bomber Jacket that is completely crafted in PrimaLoft material. Each piece features state-of-the-art design, while boasting a graphic-heavy set, calling on the best of both brands.

While the apparel is dynamic in and of itself, the collaboration is highlighted by the Paris-based brand’s take on the Chuck 70. Engineered with PrimaLoft, a thermal material from the ‘80s, the upper includes this shield-like layer of protection that can be fully removed with a zipper along the sole. Bringing the theme full circle, when unzipped, the Chuck 70 silhouette mutates into a canvas slip-on, with a dual-branded tongue patch and gold side panel, a doubtlessly futuristic take on the Converse classic.

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